Find Your Happily Even After with 1:1 Coaching

Divorce has a way of wrecking havoc on your life, your sense of self and overall well being.  Even in the best of break ups, the adjustment alone acts like a stealth ninja zapping you of your most precious gifts...time and energy.  It's time to make space to grow like the resilient, beautiful lotus flower you are...

Your 6 Month Signature Program covers the 3 Phases of Divorce Healing, all with the support of your heart centered coach, Deb


Learn powerful mindfulness, meditation and stress management techniques to shed grief, soothe past pain and reset your nervous system.


Learn how to reverse engineer your calendar to maximize your feminine energy while finding your center to tune in to what fuels you. 


Create a new compass to take you confidently into your new life by learning techniques that help you attract and manifest your best future self.

Module 1: Heal 

Take initial assessment, learn mindfulness and meditation techniques, set new boundaries, learn the art of intention setting and more (4 weekly sessions)

Module 2: Heal 

Go deeper into mindfulness work of detachment, acceptance and forgiveness.  Learn about cognitive dissonance, belief ceilings and build upon mindfulness/meditation practices. (4 weekly sessions)

Module 3: Nurture 

Learn how to reverse engineer your life essentials, uncover the benefits of using the lunar phases to plan your calendar and introduce the practice of responding vs. reacting.  (4 weekly sessions) 

Module 4: Nurture 

Spend more time tuning into your center, uncover wisdom of the 4 yogas and discover how you can nurture your inner landscape as much as you tend to what's outside you. (4 weekly sessions)

Module 5: Bloom

Take part in creating your values compass and goal GPS for guidance and newfound stability as you walk your post divorce path. (2 bi-weekly sessions)

Module 6: Bloom 

Create your Life Manifesto...the culmination of your journey through struggle into self actualization and growth. This, paired with your self care commitments and mindfulness /meditation practice will serve as your foundational support tools to keep you blooming in this next chapter. (2 bi-weekly sessions)

What you GET...

  • weekly 1:1 sessions with Deb to assess mindset/triggers, set intentions and learn skill of the week.
  • access to membership site with worksheets, meditations, podcast episodes, holistic recommendations and resources/guides 
  • PDF printouts that lay out available tools and strategies you've been learning and feel supported by
  • supplemental training videos/audios to remind you of key take-aways and action steps between sessions
  • voxer chat access for time sensitive needs and small questions/challenges that arise between sessions

The Impact...

  • a regulated nervous system helps you manage stress better and sets you up for healthier heart, digestion, weight management, better sleep, clearer skin, increased libido, disease prevention...etc
  • you'll have more energy, time and $$ due to no longer needing distraction, coping mechanisms and numbing tactics to deal with discomfort and pain. 
  • You'll experience deeper, more meaningful relationships with children, future romantic partner, family members, friends. 
  • You'll have more clarity and focused headspace to think outside the box, problem solve and get creative about goals and desired outcomes.
  • your improved mental fitness will enable you to operate at a higher level than ever before- both professionally and personally.